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Picnic essentials

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Last week we celebrated the international picnic day. Let’s share with you our best picnic tips & tricks!

1. To make your picnic a success, the first thing to do is to find a nice place: a park, a forest, a field of flowers, by the river, by a lake, at the beach, in a garden, you can be imaginative!

2. It's certainly important to plan your picnic on a sunny day. A picnic in the rain is definitely less fun...

3. Once you have found the perfect spot, find a shady area like under a tree, or bring a sunshade to keep the heat off. Don't forget your prettiest straw hat!

4. For an authentic picnic, bring a nice wicker basket to put your equipment in. Put on plates, vintage glasses, tartan napkins to set a pretty table scape. We recommend enamel tableware : lightweight, unbreakable, and totally in the picnic mood. Our favorite one is from Dille & Kamille

5. Take cushions and plaids to make your picnic comfortable and cozy. The more you have, the more adorable and nicer your set will look.

6. Bring some wild flowers to decorate your picnic area. Make lovely little bouquets of colorful flowers to transform your pic nic in a delicate moment.

7. An obvious but not least tip, bring some tasty food! Cheese board, little dips to pick at, fruits, salads, .. In other words, food that is both tasty and easy to eat. Don't forget the french bread of course.

8. If you have some, bring an assortment of wooden plates & boards to serve your food in a pretty and convenient way.

9. To make your picnic perfect, don't forget to bring fresh drinks: a glass of cava, a good rosé wine or a flavored water, according to your desires. Our advice to keep your drinks refreshing is to bring a cooler or if you don't have one, to put them in a tray with refrigerated plates.

PS : Don't forget the corkscrew! Nothing worst than a wine bottle that can't be opened.

10. Feel free to take something to make your moment last after lunch with some entertainment , like a good book or a nice board game.

And if you don't have the right equipment to organize your picnic, our "Home party boxes Pic nic"are there to meet your needs!

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