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Hosting the perfect Christmas dinner

Christmas is the occasion to decorate your home in each corner, set a gorgeous table and celebrate with your loved ones. It's an important feast for many people and a time to get together sharing quality time. Here are some tips for hosting the perfect Christmas night.

1. Create a festive tablescape

There are 1001 imaginable Christmas themes. You can decorate it in a more traditional way or a completely extravagant one. Just don't forget to put the spirit of conviviality and cosiness. The important thing is that you have fun setting your table and that you like the result. Our advice is to plan ahead, so you can have a pretty decoration without stress and by taking your time to let your creativity shine through. Never hesitate with extra tealight candles to create dimensions and ambiance!

2. Decorate the surroundings

Once your table is ready, don't forget to bring the Christmas atmosphere in the surrounding area. Put some fir branches, garlands, candles, on the low table, the fireplace, the window sills,... You can also use some of the elements offered by nature such as pine cones, chestnuts, foliage to bring a winter and authentic touch.

3. Prepare a nice presentation of your dishes

For Christmas, we go all out and prepare good food with a beautiful presentation. Place your oysters on a beautiful plate and cut small lemon wedges, for example. It is not enough to have good food, presentation is also important.

4. Put on a festive and classy outfit

In harmony with the theme and colors of your Christmas atmosphere. As for your table, you can remain sober and very elegant, you can go off the beaten track and be extravagant, you can bring out the glitter to shine with 1000 sparkles. Once again, let your creativity lead you.

5. Enjoy a cocktail

Christmas is also an opportunity to celebrate in a different way than usual. Make a nice cocktail that you don't drink often. We give you our recipe of the famous Porn Star Martini which set the tone for our Christmas party this year.

What you will need for one cocktail:

  • 5 cl Passoã Passion Liqueur

  • 2 cl Vodka Zubrowka

  • 2 cl lime juice

  • 1 cl vanilla syrup

All you have to do is simply pour all the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, mix well and serve. For a little extra fun, add a shot of champagne!

You are now ready to celebrate a proper Christmas with your nearby. Enjoy it.

Merry Everything from The A team!

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