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A delightful Christmas for two

Get into the house of Celine (Antoinette Design's founder), and discover how she transformed the home into a space imbued with tradition and calm to celebrate end-of-year with intimacy. With her hubby, they decided to just lay low for Christmas this year!

It's starting with the good musical atmosphere, turning on the the speaker with an ultimate Christmas vibe playlist : ' Christmas with Antoinette', available on Spotify

Then, lighting on the scented candles to give the home some fragrance. Today will be 'Cedre du Liban', from Terrae Concept

Once the music & candles are ready inside, it's time to get outside setting up a small flower corner on the terrace of the house to create some arrangements with the fresh flowers found at the market in the morning

It's now time for the most important part : the table!

For this year, Céline opted for simplicity : black pottery, off-white ceramic, delicate flowers and basic candles. If your table is definitely too big for 2, don't hesitate to fill it with candles & small vases.

Home is ready - it's now time to enjoy the dinner ; a traditional turkey of course.

Whether you are numerous or in a small committee, let your Christmas be cozy, warm, friendly and full of love.


The A team

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