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Follow us during 5 shooting days with Baobab

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

As decorators, we sometimes offer our services for product shooting.

We imagine, prepare and set the decor linked to the brand’s needs. We can also help with finding the perfect spot for the occasion. Discover bellow our latest shooting project with Baobab..


We have a first contact with the client, giving few informations like the shooting dates, the products shooted, the mood needed, … Generally we organize a call to go through the whole project and understand properly the client’s wishes and objectives.

For this Baobab project, the goal was to create new visuals to communicate about autumn & winter collections on their different platforms (social media, webshop, advertisings, …)

2ND STEP : THE CREATIVE PROPOSAL & LOCATION HUNTING Once we’ve gathered all the informations needed, we start with a brainstorming and make a first creative direction proposal.

This includes moodboards, sketches, and the detailed material list we suggest to set the decor.

If needed, we can also think about the right place to shoot and propose our own venues if that fit to the needs :

our showroom with its long wooden table, our warehouse for a more industrial feeling, our atelier with large white brick walls for an artistic environment, or even our insolite places like La Roulotte, La Serre, Le Teepee, La Cabane or La Barque.

This step also includes the budget estimation, all included (venue, material, decorators fee, photographer in option,…)

For this shooting with Baobab, the goal was to create a ‘like at home’ feeling.

So we made fall & winter vibes decors, always around a table setting. The translation of a moment like a family gathering by the fire place.

Venues selected for this shooting were :

> Our showroom (Waterloo)

> La Serre, one of our insolite places (Nivelles)

> La Kbane (La Hulpe)

> A private house (Brussels)


This one is the funniest part.

It includes props purchases, material wrapping at the warehouse, floral compositions preparing, etc.

We make clear separated boxes for each set up. Depending on how big is the decor, we can be a team or 2, 3, 4 or more decorators. We of course take care of the decor transportation from one place to another.

On the shooting day, we always arrange to finish the decor before photographer’s arrival to gain some time.


Once the decor & the photographer are ready, we start to shoot. We’re always staying on site during this moment, ready to act if needed : adjust the details, remove & replace the props, give a clean between 2 shoots, …

Sometimes it can go really fast, and sometimes it can last longer than expected.

We depend on uncontrollable factors like the weather, the light, …

Once the photographer is satisfied with the images captures, we dismantle everything and leave the place clear & clean.

We’re always so thrilled to discover the final result and - if the client is fine with it - share it with our community !

If you’re interested in our set design service to shoot your product or concept, just send an e-mail to

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