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An event journey : when the wedding looks like a laidback week-end festival

September generally means the end of weddings season. For 2023, we ended up in style with A&N's wedding : a week-end of festival vibes, giant campfire, teepee camp, food experiences, and hided party into the woods. Get into this event reading this article!

The invitations

The invitations were made of a main card with all the wedding details, and several small cards designed for each moment. The color choice was based on the natural elements tones and a small illustration was drawn for the dress-code of each day. We opted for a light carton embossing to give a relief to the general aesthetic of the invitations.

Many thanks to our in-house graphic designer Jeremy for the great work :-)

From moodboards to reality ...

As with all our other projects, we made a complete creative proposal for the clients so they can project themselves into their event. This includes few illustrations to sketch up the final result, and a maximum of pictures to detail the look & feel of the project. Discover below a few slides of this creative proposal presentation.

Day 1 : "Let's gather around the campfire"

The idea was to create a laidback souvenir, a moment of gathering around the fire on the Friday night. For the whole week-end, each guest was accommodated in a 2 ppl spacious & comfy teepee. After a luggage drop in each teepee, guests were invited to take a seat around the fire and enjoy a cozy night.

On the menu : home made pizza's with qualitative ingredients, served in a simple way.

Day 2 : "Wedding day"

On the D-Day, guests were invited to join the couple at the church for the ceremony, and it was followed by a friendly moment back to the house. A long table was sent under an organic tent, and the dinner food was already slowly cooking at food stations scattered around the tent.

Regarding the decoration, we went for something smooth and inspired by the surrounding gardens of the house.

Day 2 : "After Party"

Right after dinner, guests were deeply guided into the woods to enjoy an immersive and never-ending party, dancing all night surrounded by nature. We decorated the space with large disco balls, neons, and a dedicated podium for the DJ.

Day 3 : "The day after brunch"

Sunday was the day for the traditional "day after" brunch. We set some cosy corners in the garden so the guests could chill and grab some recovery food in a comfy & sunny way.

We would like to congratulate once again the couple, and thanks them for their trust. Many thanks as well to our amazing suppliers, without whom this event could not even take place!

Scenography, decoration & graphic design : Antoinette Design

Tents & camp : Tours2Loc

Food : Studio27experience

Sound & light : WePlay

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