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A Wonderland birthday: 3 days of enchantment at Chateau de La Grange

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Zain Agency to create a three-day Wonderland-themed birthday celebration at the Chateau de La Grange in Manom, France. Here’s a glimpse into this enchanting event.

Day 1: Arrival and evening festivities

Guests arrived on Friday and settled into a charming glamping setup by Tours2Locs.

The evening began with a walking dinner on the grass of the castle gardens, featuring a champagne wall created by our carpenter. Simply ring the bell, and your glass of champagne is served trhough the wall by a waiter wearing white gloves. Our team also crafted a whimsical floral arch and set up giant flowers and oversized mushrooms to set the Wonderland scene. The food & beverage was expertly handled by Choux De Bruxelles, and we thank WePlay for enhancing our decorations with technical support, including all sound and lighting equipments.

The night continued with a mapping display and then a music live show under a circus tent, followed by an an unforgettable party in the chateau's cellars. Embracing the Alice in Wonderland theme, guests had to drink a magic potion and pass through a small door, designed by Antoinette Design, just like in Alice in Wonderland's "Drink Me" to enter the party. The decor was filled with elements from Alice in Wonderland, making the experience as immersive and realistic as possible, including suspended teacups, upside-down mirrors, giant chairs, and many more details.

Day 2: A day full of Wonderland activities

After a good night's sleep in the glamping, Saturday morning started with a delightful breakfast on the lawn, adorned with large flower bouquets of different colors on pedestals and giant candy decorations, including oversized lollipops. Guests dined at a long, beautifully set table, with cozy corners in different color tones and no less than 180 cushions.

Later on, guests moved to the lakeside where we set cozy picnic spots and another long table into the woods, maintaining the Alice in Wonderland theme. There were giant butterflies, suspended teacups, lampshades, and mirrors hanging from the trees. We also filled a few wicker baskets with flowers. The catering was still perfectly handled by Choux de Bruxelles, and technical aspects by WePlay.

In the afternoon, guests enjoyed various games and activities themed around the Olympiades, complete with dart-throwing games and candy stands.

As the day wound down, guests were treated to a dinner on a massive 440 square meter chessboard that we had set up, which consisted of more than 3000 tiles assembled by our team.

For the dinner, we handled the whole table decoration and also the graphic design by producing illustrated menus, name tags and seating plan. Half disco balls were placed in the middle of each table to create a light show that reflected off the chateau.

The decor included black and white pedestals with chess pieces and monochrome tables, all perfectly themed to represent a grand chess game.

The pre-party took place on the chateau steps, leading into a red-themed party inside the chateau. We adorned the venue with flowers, decorations, and tulle, all in rich red hues to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Day 3: A farewell brunch

The final day featured a relaxing brunch on the lawn, with all the weekend's decorations still enhancing the beautiful setting. The lawn's decor evolved and adapted to the weekend's themes while retaining its base elements.

In a few words, this event:

Antoinette Design was represented by a dedicated team of seven members on-site, and we transported approximately 100 cubic meters of material to bring this event to life.

This Wonderland-themed birthday was a true testament to our ability to transform any vision into reality, blending creativity and meticulous planning to create unforgettable experiences.

The A Team

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