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Ten "Table Art" Gift Ideas

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

1. Offer this beautiful set to your love one : a luxurious sent diffused by a stone diffuser.

2. Baobab’s candles are iconic. Plus you can keep the jar once the candle is all burnt. Those candles are a statement decoration piece in any living space.

3. Timeless table ware is always a good idea. Investing in good quality plates and bowls will last you over time. Support a great Belgian brand by purchasing Serax.

4. Choose linen to dress up your table in any occasion. This noble fabric fits perfectly in all interiors. Its soft texture makes it versatile, and ideal in living rooms such as the living room or the dining room.

5. Get right into the graphic and quirky universe of Alessi, the Italian brand that designs beautiful and functional objects for the everyday life. From the kitchen to the table, Alessi got you covered.

6. If you are a minimalist, you may be not be appeal by the previous objects. Thankfully, Belgium is full of delightful pastries, cookies and sweets. To recite nobody else but them, Dandoy’s cookies, Léopold’s sweets – and especially cuberdons, Mary, Wittamer or Marcolini’s chocolates are always a good present to offer to your loved ones.

7. If you have a wine lover among your relatives, give him nice wine accessories such as a fancy wine opener, beads to clean the wine carafe, or an air-tight cap.

8. Maybe you prefer luxury items ? Why not ask Santa to place under the tree a beautiful Hermès mug ? Hermès has various collections to choose from to dress you table as fancy as you are.

9. “Table Stories: The best dressed tables” is the perfect book to give to your favourite table setter.

10. Last but not least – self-promo time – , give to someone a Home Party Box voucher, or give them the full Christmas experience with our Xmas Tables, including food and table decor.

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