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Inspiration 5 : Iconic movie scenes around the table

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Here is a small selection of movies in which you can see an iconic scene happening around the table ; there are some pretty ones, some funny ones, some special ones... Let's discover them!

1. Pulp Fiction

Tarantino offers an emblematic dialogue and an imaginative restaurant table in this scene where Vincent Vega takes Mia Wallace to the restaurant "Jack Rabbit slims".

2. Titanic

Do you remember that dinner scene where Jack explains who he is and exchanges complicit glances with Rose, around this beautiful table, in the famous movie Titanic.

3. Indiana Jones and the temple of doom

A beautiful and large table and a meal... not like the usual ones! A very wacky scene but we won't tell you more about it in case you've never seen the movie.

4. Le dîner de cons

What funnier scene than this one from the movie Le diner de cons gathering Thierry Lhermitte and Jacques Villeret at the same table for more and more giggles.

5. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

What could be better than the sumptuous Angelina Jolie and the incredible Brad Pitt sitting around a beautiful table, sharing a somewhat... nervous meal!

6. Lady and the tramp

We all know this unforgettable and so sweet scene in which the lady and the tramp lovingly share a plate of spaghetti on an accordion air.

7. Pretty Woman

Edward Lewis takes Viviane Ward to a restaurant for a business dinner. While Edward is in the middle of negotiations, Viviane tries to eat escargots which turns out not to be so easy...

8. American Beauty

A sarcastic scene in the movie American Beauty, where what should have been a simple family dinner becomes a turbulent scene with yelling, after Lester announces that he has quit his job and is blackmailing his boss.

9. Django unchained

Join Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz for a lively scene around a pretty table in this famous Tarantino film.

10. Marie-Antoinette

We couldn't resist to show you this beautiful scene from Marie-Antoinette's iconic movie that we love that much!

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