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Inspiration 3 : our favorite cafés

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

A trip into the world of our favorite coffee places

#1 : Vogue Café, Porto

A modern, elegant and stylish atmosphere with its drinks and dishes presented in the Vogue way. You will enter in a world of luxury.

#2 : Café Yves Saint Laurent, Paris

A chic and trendy coffee shop. A place faithful to the luxurious codes of the luxury house.

#3 : Ralph’s Coffee

A Ralph Lauren coffee with an authentic signature, in New York and Asia.

In Florence

In Beverly Hills

#4 : Gucci Osteria, da Massimo Bottura

In the Gucci spirit, both in Florence and Beverly Hills.

#5 : Burberry Café, London

Named Thomas's Café in London.

#6 : Dior Café, Miami

A pop-up café in the garden terrace of its Miami Design District women’s boutique. The Dior café continues a longstanding tradition first established by Monsieur Christian Dior and the desire to spread his love for the art of entertaining and his taste in "art de vivre". 

#7 : Marchesi, Milan

It is renowned for its elegant aesthetics and specialties. With its incredibly charming interiors and tasty treats, it is a wonderful place to spend time with a good book.

#8 : Bar Luce, Milan

Designed by the American film director Wes Anderson in 2015, Bar Luce recreates the atmosphere of a typical Milanese café.

#9 : Le Meurice, Paris

Le Meurice, also known for its famous pastry Chef, Cedric Grolet.

#10 : Cecconi’s, Barcelona

Cecconi's is a restaurant, cafe, in a modern classic Italian spirit.

#11 : Sketch, London

Sketch London is fuelled by art. It makes it a venue that looks like nowhere else in the city, or – dare we say – the world.

Now, take a coffee break

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