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Merry everything from the A team!

Despite this particular year, what a great time we had imagining, creating and decorating your events!

How lucky are we to have experienced so many beautiful and intense moments, to have made great encounters and to have finally had so many opportunities in this year 2021 : the development of our unique dining places, the creation of new accommodations to spend insolite nights, the exciting events abroad that we have been working on, the expansion of our A team,... And this year finally ends (and this new year therefore starts) with the opening of our Showroom & Shop. So many great achievements.

We are more than ever ready for the new year and all the projects that await us. We are really looking forward to it!

We would particularly like to express our thanks for your trust and for all the great opportunities we've had this year. We are also grateful for such a rich summer of festivities of all kinds! We had a lot of fun getting back into the intense rhythm, thanks to all of you.

We wish you all the best for this new year 2022 ✨

The A team

Céline, Soka, Mélanie, Shann, Jeanne, Lisa & Thomas

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