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Benvenuti sul Lago di Como !

Hey you little curious. Do you want to know more about our team trip to Lago di Como ? Discover our program and some backstage through this article!

Preparatives before departure

Céline took the whole trip organization and preparation in charge : booking the flights, finding the villa, arranging the transfers from / to airports, defining the program, booking the various activities, preparing the gift bags, … It looks like organizing an event, actually.

Day 1 : travel day & chilling around the lake

The house was located with a nice view on the lake, close to the beautiful Bellagio village.

On the arrival day, we took a swim into the lake and chilled on our brand new yellow beach towels.

We visited the nice little streets around the house and had an aperitivo dinner at the villa with, of course, local Italian products.

Day 2 : Bellini brunch at the villa & boat tour on the lake

No trip to Italy without a Bellini brunch ! We set the table with few elements brought from Belgium and few items founded on site.

The ultimate Bellini recipe : the Bellini from the Cipriani

After the brunch, we strolled into the streets of Bellagio discovering some local artisans and meeting local people (GEOOOORGE!)

We then had a boat tour into 2 groups of 4 on each boat. That was a great opportunity to discover the lake in another way. We took some swimming sessions in the middle of the lake. Jeanne experienced the maximum boat speed, Christophe lost his hairs, Thomas had an epic shooting session, Mélanie transformed into a real boat captain, Céline was left in the water for a while (the joke was really, truly, not funny - It’s Céline writing).

PS 1 : a lot of fun and laughs on board.

PS 2 : photos on board will reming our little secret.

At night, we had dinner in a very typical restaurant located at the top of the valley, offering a spectacular view on the lake.

We tasted some regional dishes, and had an impressive show of thunderstorms on the lake.

Day 3 : Local wine tasting & cooking our own pasta

On the last day, we went very high in the lands to meet a winemaker, visit his wines and of course taste the wine.

At night, Jeremy & Jeanne went to a small mercado and cooked a delicious - sumptuous - el regu pasta dinner.

El Ragu recipe : ask to Jeremy! :-)

Day 4 : Traveling back .. to work

After this pleasant getaway to Italy, it's now time to get back to Belgium, back on tracks for our upcoming projects! Mélanie, Christophe & Jeremy had a sight seeing by the the French border, Jeanne & Thomas prepared an event we had on the day after, while Helene was already preparing some réels of the trip.

Can't wait for the next team trip next year! Let's guess the destination ...

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