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Get into our working spaces

Hey you, little curious. Do you want a visit of our different working spaces ?

You're at the good place. Enjoy the reading!

The office

Most of our time is spent at the office. Located in Waterloo on Chaussée de Bruxelles with a visibility from the street, we benefit of daylight and constant passengers.

The project team is split into 2 working zones, and we have a large wooden meeting table where we gather for our internal & client meetings.

Our team leader & planning organizer Mélanie has her office in a glass cube, giving some visibility on the front & the back part of the offices.

Céline (founder & creative director) has an open office at the back, with a large sofa where anyone can seat and chill. We also have few "free desks", where our freelancers and external colleagues can work whenever they visit us.

At the very back of the offices, we have a big & luminous kitchen and chilling area, where we gather for lunch, for birthdays, for some meetings, for shootings, for creative brainstormings, etc. This place is very inspiring for everyone.

The warehouse & workshop

This is our happy place ! The place where everything is produced.

It's split into different zones :

- Christophe's atelier (don't try to enter it or you could literally die), where the made-to-measure furniture is constructed, where everything is painted, cut, adjusted.

- The flower corner, with a large table and all the vases at disposal (learn more about the flower corner in this article)

- All the props, stored by category in wooden & metal shelves

... & all over the world

As we're constantly traveling in different places for projects, we're also used to nomad offices. It means that we just sit wherever we can to send a little mail or prepare a creative proposal between a set up and a dismantling.

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