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Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Last Sunday was an honor to go to Château de Versailles to decorate a private event for an intimate group of people, celebrating a birthday dinner.

This historical place is so symbolic to us as it was Marie-Antoinette's headquarters. Furthermore, Sunday 17th was the commemoration day of her death - chance would have it!

The dinner took place in the Vestibule of the Chapel, a historic and emblematic room of the castle. For the decoration, we opted for autumnal tones with mysterious flowers : Mufliers, Astrantia, Anigozanthos, Hortensias & Peonies. For a warm, modern and contemporary style, we placed linen tablecloth and napkins, classic glassware, silver cutlery which was also in line with the silver napkin ring. We selected fine ceramic plates to complete the setting. We wanted an intimate and subdued atmosphere, but as candles are not allowed in the castle, we opted for brass table lamps, which were very much in keeping with this idea.

After the meal, guests enjoyed an organ concert in the Chapel, which we have decorated with more than 200 LED candles, to preserve the mystic and special atmosphere of this unique place.

We'll always remember about the natural effect of the golden hour giving the whole room a warm and comforting atmosphere with its sunbeams passing through the majestic windows by the end of the day.

At the end of this unique dinner, guests received a souvenir card illustrated and calligraphied by our studio. The drawing represents the Chapel, highlighted with many candles.

As for all of our projects, we create mood boards of the atmosphere we are suggesting to illustrate the project to our clients, and we always attempt to get as close to it as possible. Here under a sample of the mood board that was sent for this project in Versailles.

We would to thanks a lot BE ON agency for this collaboration, an Exclusive, Private & Corporate Events agency based in Liege. Thank you for your trust!

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