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Bonjour Antoinette

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Let’s get down to memory lane and trace Antoinette’s story.

We’ve been offering services for 5 years now, and it’s time to introduce you the story and team behind our projects.

Antoinette was founded in 2016 by Céline. Her biggest inspiration was found in the pomp of Marie-Antoinette, a unique 18th century character and also known as the first woman organizing sumptuous banquets at Chateau de Versailles.

At its creation, the mission of Antoinette was limited to «sweet tables» - meaning the realization of impressive dessert buffets.

Soon, the demand for table setting & event styling became more and more frequent, and that gave the team strong tablescape & scenography skills. Our obsession for details & our passion for design allow us to tailor unique settings and turn any occasion into unforgettable experiences.

Step by step, Antoinette diversified to offer today an in-house creative studio including set design services for shootings, personalized illustrations and calligraphy.

Antoinette Design is constantly growing and improving its services, always trying to satisfy the demand and to face possible crises such as the one we’re currently crossing. In 2020, we launched a « Home party box » concept and also unique dinners in insolite places.

Five years after its creation, Antoinette became so a creative studio, an event styling company and an experience creator, working with some of the leading brands worldwide.

As you can understand, no one here is called Antoinette in the end. But who are they ?

Let’s meet our team...

Céline, aka « Cé »

Founder & Creative director

Céline invented Antoinette in 2016. Since then she’s determined to bring it to its best version.

Optimist and ambitious, she’s always looking after the well-being of both her team and her clients.

Her innovative ideas and efficiency brought Antoinette up to an inspiring start up.

Sophie-Caroline, aka « Soka »

Associate & project manager

Soka joined Antoinette a few months after its creation, and took part in its development.

Since then, she’s bringing the A name alive wherever she goes with all her passion & creativity.

She’s also the peaceful strength of the team.

Mélanie, aka « Mel »

Administrative & financial resp

In 2019, Mélanie jumped in to the crew and took the administrative part under her wings.

Excel sheets haven't any secrets for her. She’s the organization queen, the biggest blabbermouth we’ve ever known, and she’s our mother to all.

Jeanne, aka « Jeannette »

Insolite dinners coordinator & projects assistant

After an internship in 2020, Jeanne integrated the team to manage all our insolite and made-to-measure experiences for our clients with her strong sense for hospitality.

She's a cow Boy and a delicate flower at the same time, a real couteau suisse, and also the most dynamic & humble person on earth.

Shann, aka « Shannou »

Community manager

Shann started her mission of community manager at Antoinette in 2021.

With her smile, generosity and kindness, she’s bringing all the positive vibes from our clients into the office, and vice versa.

She’s the to do list expert. Not only writing it , but fighting till the end to make it happen.

Thomas, aka « Thom »

The artist

Thomas completed the team in 2021 too, with his unlimited creativity.

His spontaneity and sensibility turn him into an endearing person. He draws, he makes flowers, he shoots, he decorates. And he makes us laugh all day long.

Lisa, aka « Lizzie »

Insolite nights coordinator & projects assistant

The new talent who joined Antoinette's team at the end of 2021.

This beautiful soul full of joy and humour knows how to take her place while remaining discreet. She is multi-talented, resourceful and stressless. Always there to help others and her personality is enhanced with a lot of positivism.

Charly & Omer

Bringing joy to the office

Besides the main team, we are lucky to have interns to whom we share our passion. Our team is not very big, but she's strong and united. Always ready to respond to your expectations and to find solutions to satisfy you to the best!

See you soon,

The A team

© Photo : Véronique Pipers

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