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At home with Antoinette : pimp your table !

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

A few tips from the Antoinette Design team on how setting a cool & creative table scape by yourself at home

Tips #1 : Be creative, be inspired !

Let’s express all your creativity through this table setting

Tips #2 : Take what nature offers you Go deep in the forest or simply in your garden, and pick up some fresh plants or flowers to display on your table

Tips #3 :You can also find other interesting decorative items when outside :

Stones, wooden pieces, concrete blocks, …

Tips #4 :Don’t hesitate to use vegetables, fruits and aromates to pimp your table

Tips #5 : Make your own vases!

With glasses, bottles, or by painting plastic laundry bottles for example

Tips #6 : Never underestimate the power of candles.

Tips #7 : Hand-embroider your napkins(with names , initial letters, small drawings, ..). You’ll find many embroidering tutorials on Youtube

Tips #8 : Make your own natural color napkins! Take some old fabric pieces, and dye them with vegetables(Boil the fabric + vegetable in water for a while)

Tips #9 : Even if it’s for two people, think about original name tags !

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