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Perfecting the details: a dinner tasting at TheMerode

We recently organized a dinner tasting for a couple getting maried in September. Their special day will feature four distinct events: a breakfast, a lunch, a cocktail hour, a dinner and a party. To help them choose the perfect tableware according to the event mood and dinner menu, we brought a variety of samples, including ones from the renowned Serax brand.

The tasting took place at TheMerode, where the clients had the opportunity to experience each dish on different plates, ensuring any detail is perfect. JML Concept - Jean-Michel Loriers, their chosen catering company for the big day, was also present to serve and test the dishes with our tableware.

This meticulous preparation was coordinated by PROFIRST, the agency organizing the wedding, while we handle the decoration. It's all coming together to create a memorable experience for the couple and their guests.

Let's meet again in September to discover the final project and the final client's choices!

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