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A wedding in Provence : 3 days of celebration and decoration

We recently had the pleasure of traveling to South of France to orchestrate the vairous decors for a stunning three-days wedding celebration.

Here's a glimpse into this gorgeous project.

Day 1: welcome reception & dinner

The festivities began with a warm welcome reception among the olive trees. We decorated a long table for the dinner, completed with lights, DJ sets, and our Antoinette Design signature touches. The easy-going set up created a good start to an unforgettable weekend.

Day 2: wedding day

On the wedding day, we set up a picturesque secular ceremony in the middle of lavender fields. Rows of chairs and beautifully arranged ceremony table added to the enchanting atmosphere. In the evening, we meticulously placed name tags and additional decorations, ensuring every detail was perfect for the couple and their guests.

Day 3: pool party

The celebrations culminated in a vibrant pool party. We adorned the area with parasols, garlands, and DJ setups to keep the party going. It was a joyous end to a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Antoinette Design Team

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