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How to take beautiful pictures of your table

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Whether you are an Instagram fan, a professional photographer, or you just want to learn a new skill, here are some of our best tips to take beautiful pictures of your table.

First, you want to pay attention to the light. It is one of the most important thing you want to take care of. Natural light is the one you want to use – if possible. Natural light really give a beautiful and – guess what ? – natural light to your picture. But, if you don’t have that option, artificial light can also work. May allow us to advise you softbox lights. It really gives a soft, diffuse and uniform light to your picture. You can also opt for an umbrella light, or even a LED light panel. It is a trial and error … Try different setups with different lightings and see what works the best.

Then, get inspired ! Find inspiration in magazines, on Instagram, in TV-shows, at the restaurant, whatever. Look at how the food is displayed in the plate, study the disposition of the cutlery on the table, how the glasses are positioned compared to the plates, how the napkin is folded (and where it is placed: on or next to the plate ?) You can then transpose these inspirations for your own photos.

Less is more. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by adding to many elements and objects to your table. Unless it is the style you want to adopt – still life photography is a really interesting style compound with an abundance of objects, fruits and vegetables. Try to keep it simple so you can drag the intention to the dishes.

Try different shootings: an overview of the table, seen from above, try to shoot details of your table, from different angles… Like choosing the light, choosing the right angle and the right shooting is a trial and error thing. Be patient and you will find what works the best.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good centrepiece. Real, fresh flowers are always a must. You can then add candles in candle holders: play with different heights and different styles to add visual interest to your table.

And last but not least, have fun ! Experiment with your camera and try the tips we discuss above. It has to stay a pleasure, and not a constrain. So don't take it too seriously.

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