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How to set a stylish Easter table

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Don't let social distancing cramp your sense of style this Easter ! In this post, we share step-by-step advices on creating a beautiful tablescape at home.

Step 1 : Covering the table

You always need to put something between your table and your plates : tablecloth, charger or place mats.

For this Easter table, we decided to use white linen - You never get wrong when using linen fabric - It's a safe bet !

Step 2 : Table centre decoration

The whole point is to be as much creative as possible with your table centre. Any item can become a decoration item : fruits, vegetables, objects, .. and of course flowers !

Never underestimate the power a flower can have when it's alone in a vase. If you don't have that much vase at home, you can use drink glasses of glass bottles.

Step 3 : The candles For this Easter table, we used silver candlesticks and white candles - very chic and classic.

We recommend to use a single color for the candles on your table.

Step 4 : Plates

Plates need to be perfectly aligned, 60 cm apart from each other and 1 cm from the edge of the table. We selected those ceramic beige plates, from our own collection.

Step 5 : Cutleries

Don't forget to respect a few etiquette notions when you display the cutleries.

The British etiquette notions are different than the french ones, but there's a few common golden rules whatever the country you're in :

Knife always go on the right side and forks on left.

You should start with the main plate cutleries, close to your plates and then the entrance cutleries on the outside.

Step 6 : Napkins

There are so many patterns and colors possibilities for your napkins.

And so many ways to fold them : rectangular shape, hexagon, ..

Or simply roll them and secure with a napkin ring.

Step 7 : Name tags

How cool is it to have your guest's names written at their place. Use your imagination!

You can write on pebbles, agate, paper, leaves, wood, concrete, ..

Name tags can be made from practically anything

Step 8 : Glasses

Again, there's a few etiquette notions to respect depending on the country you're in.

The golden rule regarding glasses is to display them from the largest to the smallest

Take care, and happy Easter to all of you !

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