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Our eco-responsible approach

It's a fact : event sector is not the greenest one. Find out how we are adopting an eco-responsible approach through our events and production process with eco-designed services, respectful of the environment.


We love objects with a soul and a past. We spend some times on flea markets, seeking for nice vintage tableware, candle holders, vases, furniture, objects, ...

These old props bring some authenticity and charm to our decors.

Picture bellow : Céline, early bird on a flea market in the centre of Brussels

SLOW FLOWERS WITH OUR OWN GARDEN We work with seasonal varieties and grow our own flowers in the garden.

They grow at their own pace in spring & summer, and during winter season we generally favor dried flowers. For bigger quantities, we also sometimes go cutting flowers in a field located very close to our warehouse (5 minutes by feet).

Our goal for next seasons is to limit the provenance of our flowers to a maximum of 50 km around.

Picture bellow : Thomas, picking up his favorite summer flowers in the field


We just love raw and pure materials like wood, stone, concrete, ... They give so much style and character to a decor.

When choosing an object or a furniture, we aim to find it in its rawest version ;

untreated wooden buffet, stone vases, ...

When using candles (actually that means everyday), we favor vegetal wax.

Picture below : our favorite candle ever - the ones from Terrae, a Belgian brand using soja wax melted in a concrete hand made pot. Always placing them on our events!


After an event, we always think about solutions to avoid waste.

Any food left ? We will have the pleasure to eat it during our lunch break

Any flowers left ? Just pass by our showroom, we distribute it for free on the street

Any wood or other construction material left ? Christophe & Elvis keep absolutely everything, from a small screw to a random piece of wood. And they always find a way to use it on an other project!

Any weird object found ? We love it! And let's keep it, we never know.

Picture below : the event is over, buffet is now open for the working team !


Eco-responsible habits on a daily basis are so obvious but sometimes it's not so bad to remind them at the office and at the warehouse. Sorting waste, avoiding any plastic packaging, composting food & vegetal, using recycled draft paper, cleaning with natural products, ... We keep a close eye on all these small good habits!

Want to know more about our ideas to green up your event ?

Let's just have a talk ! Email us :

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