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A week with the A team

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

This week, we want to take you inside our daily life, to show you what's going on in our office. You've already seen the backstage of some events, but for once, we'll show you the behind the scenes of a usual week within Antoinette.

Every morning we start the day around 9am by tidying up our stock so that it is pleasant to work in. This is an occasion to have a little talk with colleagues while cleaning up the material that came back from events. We call it "rangement papote".

Each Monday we have a team meeting, so that everyone is aware of the week's events, ongoing projects, etc. This is also a time to discuss areas for improvement, give feedbacks and ideas and get a good overview of the week's planning. After that, Céline has a more in-depth meeting with each of her employees, related to their function. There is the meeting for unusual places, the meeting for communication, the meeting for ongoing projects with those in charge of project management and finally the meeting for administration and finance. The beginning of the week is therefore reserved for meetings and departmental improvements. In the meantime, everyone goes about their personal tasks.

Every lunchtime we all eat together and we always try to wait for any people who are away for appointments, shopping for events, etc. We often have team lunches, like this one where we ordered the delicious pizzas from Pizza e Basta to motivate us for the week! It happens that Carette comes for a drive in the parking of Antoinette's and we fall for a little dessert...

When an event is coming up, we prepare all the necessary material, often in groups to help each other and be more efficient. We usually have at least one event a week. Each client project is unique and results in a tailor-made offer. A creative recommendation is therefore always made by the project managers. Once the offer has been sent and validated by the client, the event is noted in the shared diary, so that everyone has a view of it. As the event approaches, we prepare the material by checking that we have everything we need in the stock and by buying what is missing.

We often provide the flowers for the events, so we go to the floral market to buy them. Then our flower manager, Thomas, joins his flower corner to create beautiful arrangements. He doesn't hesitate to ask for help when there are a lot of flowers and everyone is ready to give a hand depending on their work to be done. During the summer months we have a beautiful flower garden which we can use for small flowering events ; what a joy!

Obviously, every day there is the setting up of our unusual places; those to sleep and those to eat. The people in charge of these places are constantly improving the service and checking that all the decoration and equipment are in good condition. The decoration of these places varies with the seasons and holidays.

When the days are a bit quieter, we regularly do inspiration shoots showing our equipment. This allows us to have beautiful visuals for our offers and our social networks!

We organise internal events, such as birthdays for every employee and intern, a Christmas dinner, a nice epiphany cake in January, a pancake party in February... Every event should be celebrated, shouldn't it?

As we often have new ideas and we love creativity at Antoinette, we often brainstorm in order to put new things in place, so that everyone can participate, give their ideas and add their stone to the building. Sometimes these brainstorms are done at the end of the day, with a glass of wine or a cold beer, to make it even more pleasant.

And speaking of brainstorming and new ideas, something big is in the making... We can't wait to tell you about it!

If you pass by our offices, you will probably meet Charly or Omer, the two hairy beauties who spend a lot of time with us, brightening up our days and giving us lots of love.

Every day is very different at Antoinette because we are multi-tasking and resourceful, but here's a little taste of what goes on in our place!

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1 Comment

Joe Prizzi
Joe Prizzi
Dec 03, 2021

on sent beaucoup dans vos photos que vous êtes tous heureux et motivés.....dans vos tâches...bravo à tous..... et merci pour un si beau travail !!!!!j'ai hâte d'en profiter un prochain jour ......

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