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EPSON Reset TX820FWD TX720WD TX650 T50 T60 2.rar [Updated]




txt # Turn on 1/8 scale mode (almost a real-scale mode). # Sending barcode data directly to Epson label printer will # initialize the label, print to it, then release it. # In this case, the host computer creates a dot matrix label # at 7.8 mils/mm (22 mils) and then the printer prints to it. # You should also be sure to set the ESW value to 0. mode "direct" dstart /home/simpsys2/xps-labs/ $# EPSON reset TX820FWD TX720WD TX650 T50 T60 2.rar.txt # Turn on real-scale mode. # Epson label printer only prints to the paper, not the label. # This is a step-by-step explanation of how it works. # 1. Set the printer to non-cancelable manual printing. # The label printer's ESW is set to 0, so no erase function is needed. # The host computer's ESW is set to the Epson label printer's ESW. # 2. Use the label printer's vertical scan function to initialize # the label, then print to it. # 3. Release the paper by activating the label printer's paper cutter. # 4. Remove the paper from the label printer. # 5. Reinstall the label printer to set it to cancelable auto-printing. # The print resume key is set to the key sequence found on the label. mode "cancelable-auto" dstart /home/simpsys2/xps-labs/ $# # Turn off scale mode. mode "normal" dstop # at 7.




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EPSON Reset TX820FWD TX720WD TX650 T50 T60 2.rar [Updated]

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