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Studio & Set Design

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Antoinette would like to introduce its Set Design & Photography service, allowing you to create impactful visuals and product packshots in a creative environment.

Whether you're a young startup that wants to showcase its products for its launch or a large company that wants to rent a nice studio 20 minutes away from Brussels, our service may interest you!

Perfectly located in Waterloo, our studio can be rented for a half day, a full day or for several days, depending on your specific needs.

We give you the possibility to access our decoration stock including objects, accessories, backdrop, textiles and many more. If needed, you can benefit from the expertise of one of our decorators during your shooting.

In collaboration with our photographer, you can choose the style of photos that best fits to your brand's codes and that will highlight your products.

This is a customized service; it is possible to compose your package according to your requirements by selecting only the services that interest you among the following ones:

  • Renting the studio

  • Unlimited access to our decoration stock and expertise of a decorator

  • Photographer & photographic equipment

If you are interested or if you need any further informations, you can contact us at

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