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Our monthly agenda to Brussels : the April edition

As a Belgian team almost all living in Brussels, let's share with you our best places to eat / have a drink / enjoy / visit this month.

You'll surely meet one or some of our team members to those places in April :-)

Art Brussels - Contemporary Art Fair

Founded in 1968, Art Brussels is one of the most renowned contemporary art fairs in Europe and a must-see in the international art calendar. Every year in April, the fair welcomes around 25.000 visitors

Wiels - Current exhibition : Nikolaus Gansterer " Wor(l)ds don't come easy"

How does language relate to the world and vice versa? Is it possible to grasp seemingly invisible things like thoughts, feelings or atmospheres through art? What signs, lines or languages must be found or invented first?

These and similar questions are at the centre of the Project Room presentation Wor(l)ds Don't Come Easy by the Austrian artist Nikolaus Gansterer. Two complementary series of works address the dynamic interplay between language, world perception and finding signs.

Honest - roastery & coffee shop

Honest is an amazing roastery & coffee shop open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm, will all day good food & brunch.

Rue du croissant 39 - 1190 Ixelles

Les serres royales de Laeken

It's that time of the year ! From April 14th, Les Serres royales de Laeken will be open to public. It's a unique opportunity to visit the greenhouses designed by Alphone Balat and admire a large variety of plants.

Kaiju - Asiatic street food

A recent concept in town : Kaiju!

They serve delicious asian street sharing food, natural wines & cocktails.

Open from Monday to Saturday, from19.00 to 22.00 Instagram page

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