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What does Antoinette offer ?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

As you may know, Antoinette Design offers many different services and always adapts to your requests. But what do we propose exactly ? Let's discover it through this article.


We have a creative studio that is constantly developing to offer you customized services. Among these services, you will find first of all the set design and prop styling : we put a professional photo studio at your disposal for the shooting of all types of visuals. We also collaborate with photographers and have a large objects and fabrics collection on site to set up the perfect prop styling for your product.

Our creative studio also offers personalized illustrations for all occasions : weddings, visual content, projects or just for pleasure (team, couple, etc.). Let your imagination flow and we do the rest!

The third creative service we offer is custom calligraphy: invitations, envelopes, name tags, menu's, table plans, and much more. Different writings on any kind of papers or supports are possible: wood, concrete, glass, ceramic, etc.

For any request or quotation regarding these 3 creative services, please send an email to


From design to production, we cover everything to create memorable scenography for events such as private parties, dinners, press events, product launches, showcases, brand strategies, campaigns, etc. We strive to always focus on styling the tablescape of your dreams for every single occasion!


We are constantly scouting for new locations & ideas to offer you experiences that stand out.

Spend the night under the stars eating a delicious dinner in "Le Dome", take a break and enjoy a brunch in "La Roulotte", or spend a unique moment at home with our "HOME PARTY BOXES". Stay tuned, our famous "This is how we brunch" are coming back as soon as the Covid allows it.

You now have an overview on the different services that Antoinette Design offers. Don't hesitate to contact us to talk about your ideas, we are always listening to you to prepare something that totally suits your expectations!

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